Let the game begin — Join the 1st Poker Community on MultiversX!

3 min readApr 20, 2023


HODLcards introduces a groundbreaking platform on MultiversX, merging the worlds of poker enthusiasts and cryptocurrencies. As the leading poker community within MultiversX, HODLcards offers users the opportunity to play, earn, and compete for real prizes.


At HODLcards, we hold the belief that poker serves as an ideal medium to unite people around the table. Our platform provides a secure and supportive environment where users can engage with $EGLD and, in the future, a variety of other cryptocurrencies.


HODLcards is devised to accommodate all types of players, whether they seek monetary gain or simply enjoyment. Our platform features:

  • Free and Paid Tournaments: Enter our tournaments for the chance to secure impressive prizes. Keep in mind, spots are limited!
  • Cash Game: Locate a table at any moment and challenge fellow players to ascend the leaderboard.
  • Businesses: Entertain your Web2 or Web3 audience by arranging a complimentary tournament. We’ll handle everything!


Our ecosystem is fueled by digital assets, their artistic value, and associated utilities:

DiamondHand: Build your DiamondHand to actively participate in the HODLcards project. The more you possess, the greater the benefits at our tables (Profit sharing, Free rebuy, Lottery, etc.).

Poker Leaders: Secure a seat at the HODLcards table to partake in critical decisions and reap substantial rewards and airdrops (DAO, Passive income, Free Merch).


The HODLcards team consists of a range of professionals, from entrepreneurs and Web3 & poker experts to marketing and community development specialists.

Ionesco — CEO : an engineer-turned-entrepreneur, combined his blockchain passion and experience with MultiversX projects to create HODLcards, marrying poker and blockchain.

Sévie — CMO : Sévie studied art at the Paris Conservatory, then decided to set up her photography business. She then became passionate about crypto-trading and blockchain technology, especially about MultiversX.

Isaaccs — Head of Engineering :
Isaaccs is a hug fan of new technologies and after his thesis in applied mathematics, he became interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a data scientist, he made code a passion, combined with that he has for Web3, he was interested in the different ecosystems including MvX

Find the whole team on http://hodlcards.net

MultiversX BLOCKCHAIN: a meaningful choice

HODLcards was established on the MultiversX blockchain. Its cost-effective, swift, and scalable network delivers an unparalleled poker experience. With onboarding tools designed to support non-blockchain users and developers, it all begins with xPortal.

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