HODLCards is now xCards!

3 min readJun 27, 2023


2022 has been a busy year for HODLCards

We could never have achieved these results without our ever-growing community and dedicated team. Now it’s time to take the next step…

Elrond becomes MultiversX

At its X Day conference in Paris on 3 November 2022, our beloved blockchain announced its new name: MultiversX. This change of direction should enable it to build a Web3 ecosystem resolutely geared towards mass adoption, payment and the metaverse.

To mark the occasion, we’re asking our community to change our name to xCards, which will be overwhelmingly approved.

Just a name change?

The name change is also an opportunity to completely overhaul our brand identity and rework our ambitions for the coming years. But that’s not all: since the start of 2023, we’ve been developing the following:

And above all, major progress on the development of our own poker platform… 👀

Why xCards?

xCards obviously takes the ‘X’ from MultiversX, but it also represents our cross-chain ambition, which we have already been able to realize through tournaments in partnership with projects developed on other blockchains (Joker Club, Mintera, etc.).

The X symbolizes the crossroads between crypto enthusiasts who love poker. And there are many of them.

What’s next?

We will make the new brand kit available to you on Discord in a dedicated channel so that you can adapt it and distribute it on your social networks.

We will be organizing a special AMA on the redesign of the brand with GRM, our general advisor and host of numerous podcasts on Twitter Space on (date).

Until then, head over to xCards to continue this wonderful adventure with us!

About xCards

xCards is the first Poker community developed on MultiversX that allows you to play Poker with $EGLD.

For over a year, the team has built a community of several hundred players who come together to participate in Cash Games and tournaments, often for free.

We’ve organized over 80 tournaments in partnership with the biggest Web3 projects on MultiversX and beyond.

xCards features a profit mechanism that combines the benefits of NFTs and their utilities with a sustainable business model that is not dependent on market conditions. This, along with its community, is what gives it strength.

Official Links

Discord | Twitter | Website | Whitepaper