Get ready for Poker Leaders Staking — Reward mechanisms

3 min readMay 3, 2023


Hi HODLers! What if your Poker Leaders could earn you rewards?

That’s why we’re here today! We’re excited to present the reward mechanisms for the HODL Your Leader staking program! Are you ready?

Poker Leaders cards
Poker Leaders

HODLCards Treasury

Since the launch of HODLCards over a year ago, we’ve accumulated a treasury of 1,000 $EGLD. As we’ve always said, our goal is to build our own Poker platform to bring together all the poker enthusiasts from MultiversX and beyond.

The HODLCards treasury is staked and generates rewards every month, at an average rate of 9% per year. Up until now, the income from staking our treasury has been fully incorporated into the staking pool to generate even more returns (compound interest). With the Poker Leaders, things are going to change a bit!

Here’s the new distribution of staking rewards:

♠ 25% will be distributed to Poker Leaders (see breakdown below)

♠ 5% for marketing

♠ 70% will be re-staked

Distribution of Rewards to the Poker Leaders

Distribution of Rewards to the Poker Leaders

The 25% allocated to Poker Leaders will be distributed among holders based on the number of NFTs they hold, as well as the type of Poker Leaders they hold.

♠ 50% for numbered Poker Leaders 2–10

♠ 40% for face card Poker Leaders (Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and Jokers)

♠ 10% for the winning House (see below) and the 2 Jokers

Poker House Competition

Being a Poker Leader is not only about being part of the elite of HODLCards, but also about belonging to one of the four families: Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds. Regularly, we’ll organize events in which holders can compete to earn points for their house.

Here are the various events we’ve already thought of, a list that will expand over time and with your suggestions:

♠ Poker tournament

♠ Art and content competition

♠ Place on the leaderboard

At the end of the month, the family with the most points will be named the winning House and its members will share in the 10% allocated rewards.

A robust and sustainable ecosystem

We’ve worked on the different allocations to combine the short-term interests of our holders with the long-term interests of the project. What we’ve achieved on MultiversX is only the beginning and the future will require funds and efforts. We’re prepared, and we hope you are too!

Poker Leaders — Ambassadors of HODLCards

In Web3, everything is about community and we’re proud to have built ours. More than just members of this community or simple investors, we see Poker Leaders as ambassadors of the project.

We’ll reward their efforts to promote the project on social media and in real life because we believe it’s in our best interest. The success of HODLCards will depend on each of us and will manifest in growing revenue for everyone.

In concrete terms, every time you talk about HODLCards and participate in marketing campaigns, you’ll help to fuel the staking pool and thus your passive income.

About HODLCards

HODLCards is the first Poker community developed on MultiversX that allows you to play Poker with $EGLD.

For over a year, the team has built a community of several hundred players who come together to participate in Cash Games and tournaments, often for free. We’ve organized over 75 tournaments in partnership with the biggest Web3 projects on MultiversX and beyond.

HODLCards features a profit mechanism that combines the benefits of NFTs and their utilities with a sustainable business model that is not dependent on market conditions. This, along with its community, is what gives it strength.

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