Boost your Poker Game — Discover our ROYAL Program.

3 min readMay 19, 2023


Hello HODLers!

Who wouldn’t like to be rewarded for their commitment to a platform? Nobody!

That’s what we thought of when we developed our bonus system: Cash-in and hold our NFTs to participate in our ROYAL Program.

The More you Play, the More you Win!


edit : Because simplicity and fairness are key to attracting new members, we have made changes to the Royal Program. Here is the V2. We would like to thank our community members and our Poker Advisors

Because our project is community focused, we have designed a monthly reward program based on the amounts you play on HODLCards: the Royal Program!

Every time you cash-in (for cash games) or you buy-in ( for tournaments), 1 EGLD spent makes you earn 50 ROYAL, at least.

Each month, the amount you play determines a level that corresponds to a reward multiplier. The more you play, the more ROYAL you earn.

The program is accessible to every holder as you start earning ROYAL from 1 EGLD in buy-in.


  • If you spend 5 EGLD during the month, you will receive 5 x 50 ROYAL x 1.25, which is 312.5 ROYAL.
  • If you spend 25 EGLD in a month, you will receive 25 x 50 ROYAL x 1.5, which is 1,875 ROYAL.

Please note that this program is reserved for our holders only. You must have at least one DiamondHands or Poker Leaders NFT in your wallet to be eligible.

NFT Power-Up: Boost Your Rewards!

Community we said? Community you will see!

We’ve got an extra trick up our sleeve: the NFT Booster! Your HODLCards NFTs increase the amount of ROYAL you receive each month.

As a reminder, we have set up a rank mechanism according to the number of NFT DiamondHands you hold (see here).

This rank entitles you to a BONUS reward in increments of up to 25%. In addition, holding a Poker Leaders entitles you to a 25% cumulative BONUS!


  • If you spend 5 EGLD during the month, you will receive 5 x 50 ROYAL x 1.25, which is 312.5 ROYAL.
  • If you hold 10 NFT DiamondHands (Shark rank), you will receive a 10% bonus of 31.25 ROYAL.
  • If you also hold a Poker Leader, you will receive an additional 25% bonus of 78.125 ROYAL.
  • In total, you will therefore receive 421.875 ROYAL.

Keep your NFT’s warm and take full advantage of these bonuses to collect more and more ROYAL.

ROYAL use cases: an Overview of our Future Marketplace

It’s all very well to win ROYAL, but what’s the point? We’ll tell you a bit… but not too much!

ROYAL will be the currency of our ecosystem and will allow you to buy many items on our in-house marketplace!

You will regularly find a vast selection of merchandise, chips, EGLD, HODLCards NFT but also prizes from our partners on MultiversX and elsewhere…

We’ll tell you more about the marketplace in the coming weeks… in the meantime, fill up on ROYAL!

About HODLCards

HODLCards is the first Poker community developed on MultiversX that allows you to play Poker with $EGLD.

For over a year, the team has built a community of several hundred players who come together to participate in Cash Games and tournaments, often for free. We’ve organized over 75 tournaments in partnership with the biggest Web3 projects on MultiversX and beyond.

HODLCards features a profit mechanism that combines the benefits of NFTs and their utilities with a sustainable business model that is not dependent on market conditions. This, along with its community, is what gives it strength.

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